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Shackled to Hate
No matter how I may advocate kindess and ecourage justice, I find that I will always have the capacity for cruelty. Why is it that I am more apt to accept cruetly than courtesy? Violence than virtue? Bloodlust than benevolence? It is because I am human, and from humanity, love bears hate, peace gives way to war, and mercy stands with cruelty and vengeance. I am bound to love, and therefore shackled to hate.
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Finding Family - Chapter Three
Wheelie woke up to a loud knock on his door hours later. Groaning, he glanced at the time and noticed it was eight thirty at night. Damn, he'd slept for a while. Sitting up slowly, he sighed with a frown, wondering who was waking him up. "Whaddya want?" He asked irritably, shaking his head.
"It's me! I brought you supper!" A cheery, high-pitched, feminine voice on the other side of the door replied.
Wheelie froze, immediately recognizing Annabelle's voice. " Ironhide with you?" He asked, walking cautiously towards the door. It was almost as if he expected Ironhide to be behind the door and about to deliver a round-house kick to his face as soon as he opened it. Which Wheeldie wouldn't have doubted.
"Nope! He's talking to Sam and 'Kaela. Can I come in?" She asked politely, but also in a whiny manner that made it impossible to deny her.
"...Fine, hang on a minute." He sighed, moving the television and chair from earlier. If he didn't let her in she'd probably start crying again- a
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Finding Family - Chapter Two
"This is "Things With My Favorite Color"." Annabelle continued to show Wheelie her paintings, not noticing his bored and uninterested expression in the least. "But I like all the colors, so I painted a rainbow."
"Oh, yeah, ain't that somethin'..." Wheelie trailed off boredly, wondering when she'd become tired of him or realize that he wasn't "babysitting material". Then again, she hung out with Ironhide most of the time, and he always half-expected the weapons specialist to get ticked off and yell at her. But he never did. What was it about this little chatterbox that everyone seemed to enjoy? If Ironhide enjoyed something that wasn't busting Decepticon skulls, then it had to be special.
"And when we had to paint our family in school." She showed him the painting. He was expecting the picture to just hold her mother and father, but was surprised when it shown more people than just those two. From what he could recognize, there was Ironhide (of course), Bumblebee, Skids an
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Finding Family - Chapter One
She didn't like it when all of the grown-ups were busy.
Mommy was out buying groceries.
Daddy was doing NEST-related work with Optimus.
Ironhide was resisting the urge to toss Skids and Mudflap through a window.
Ratchet was fixing up Bumblebee, after he'd gotten into a little bit of trouble- which he insisted that he hadn't started or caused.
In the background, Annabelle could hear the twins attempting to get their rap CD's back from Ironhide, who had confiscated them in the first place for being too innapropriate for Annabelle's virgin ears. The pleading didn't seem to work, as she soon heard the sound of machinery breaking and Ironhide's voice saying "LISTEN TO THE FRAGGING THINGS NOW!" Another new curse word to add to her ever-growing list.
A different noise reached her ears, one of snoring and sleep-filled mumbling. A smile spread across her face, once again filled with hope that someone might be able to entertain her. As she reached the couch, the girl was dissapointed to s
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Comic Book ID by XxSketchXBookxX Comic Book ID :iconxxsketchxbookxx:XxSketchXBookxX 1 1 Humanized Wheelie by XxSketchXBookxX Humanized Wheelie :iconxxsketchxbookxx:XxSketchXBookxX 7 6 Demon Reaper Character- Kensei by XxSketchXBookxX Demon Reaper Character- Kensei :iconxxsketchxbookxx:XxSketchXBookxX 1 0 Chelsie, David, and Grovyle by XxSketchXBookxX Chelsie, David, and Grovyle :iconxxsketchxbookxx:XxSketchXBookxX 11 4



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